Establish an Endowment

A named ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter Endowment supports a scholar at either the University of Washington or Washington State University in perpetuity. By establishing an endowment you can leave a legacy by giving a gift today that will continue funding outstanding ARCS Scholars long into the future.

ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter Endowment

  • The minimum amount required to establish an ARCS endowment at either the University of Washington or Washington State University is $100,000. Matching opportunities may be available through the generosity of the UW and WSU.

  •  An endowment may bear your name or the name of someone you choose to honor.

  • Your endowment funds a Scholar in an approved ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter department at the designated university.

Management of Endowments at the Universities

  • Endowment funds are managed by our partner universities, the UW and WSU. An endowment is a 3-way agreement among the university (either the UW or WSU), ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter, and the donor. Once established, each individual endowment maintains a separate identity but is pooled with other endowments for investment purposes.

  • The goal of establishing an endowment is to fund scholar awards from its investment returns.

  • To date, 62 endowments have been established at the two institutions, and over 50 academic departments are funded at the UW and WSU.

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