ARCS Light Award

Kitti (Catherine) Lile arrived at ARCS Foundation Seattle in 2018 as a new member, and the chapter immediately benefited from her professional expertise as a speechwriter and coach. Kitti focused on “reimagining” ARCS scholar speaker presentations for the annual luncheon and member meetings.  During her first year, she worked with the luncheon committee and university liaisons to audition luncheon scholar speakers and then scripted and coached them.  Her second year as a coach was the first virtual luncheon where she partnered with the videographer and producer to create a seamless virtual experience. “I don’t think we could have pulled off our virtual luncheon without her skillful leadership,” says Susan Potts, former Seattle president.

After she brought a new level of scholar engagement to the annual luncheon, the chapter wouldn’t let her escape before she could create the next virtual luncheon. She is   currently developing the 2022 luncheon, scholar presentations and the redesign of the luncheon planning committee.  Kitti also initiated the program, “Conversing with   Crowds,” for ARCS scholars, which Washington State University integrated into its 2019 professional development series.

Kitti immersed herself in ARCS when she offered to coach Seattle’s 2015-17 president, Marcia McGreevy Lewis.  President-elect Amy Rudolf requested Kitti’s help too, and before she could help herself, Kitti became an ARCS advocate.  She is now VP of University Relations and is on Membership and Long-range Planning.  Besides sponsoring a scholar, Kitti is a member of the national ARCS Diversity Equity and Inclusion working group.

“Working with people to ensure their confidence as public speakers gives me great satisfaction, and I am grateful to the Seattle chapter for allowing me to be creative in this way,” says Kitti. “I enjoy the opportunity to take an already successful approach and expand it for even greater impact.”  Valuing the powerhouse programs she initiates, ARCS Foundation Seattle intends to continue providing her with opportunities to express her creativity.


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