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July 5, 2023

Research led by UW undergrad shows ultrafine air pollution reflects Seattle's redlining history

UW News

DEOHS student Magali Blanco, a co-author of the ultrafine particle study, checks mobile monitoring equipment used to gather air samples in the Seattle area.  Photo: Sarah Fish.

Despite their invisibly small size, ultrafine particles have become a massive concern for air pollution experts. These tiny pollutants — typically spread through wildfire smoke, vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions and airplane fumes — can bypass some of the body’s built-in defenses, carrying toxins to every organ or burrowing deep in the lungs.  

New research from the University of Washington found that those effects aren’t felt equitably in Seattle. The most comprehensive study yet of long-term ultrafine particle exposure found that concentrations of this tiny pollutant reflect the city’s decades-old racial and economic divides...CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE


UW School of Aquatic & Fishery Science


On the ice and from the air: combining Indigenous Knowledge and multidisciplinary science to investigate Alaska’s ringed seals

In the Arctic, where temperatures are rising at nearly four times the global average, a collaborative effort, combining Indigenous Knowledge with multidisciplinary science has been used to investigate the denning habitat selection of Alaska’s ringed seals...


November 4, 2022


An early start on doctorate research | College of Veterinary Medicine | Washington State University (

There were plenty of options for Kyra Parker (’21 Neuroscience) when she was deciding where to go to graduate school, but the decision was made considerably easier by having had the opportunity to assist in groundbreaking research as an undergraduate at Washington State University....

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