Endowment Donors

Through the extraordinary generosity of the donors listed below, ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter has been able to establish 62 Endowed ARCS Scholars since 1990.  Most of these generous donors have benefited from matching funds from the state of Washington, University of Washington and Washington State University.

Allyn Perkins & Loch Anderson
Allyn Perkins & Loch Anderson, Second Endowment
Aven Foundation
Rosa Ayer
Becky & Jack Benaroya
Bobbie & Richard Berkowitz in Nursing Science
Nicole A. Boand in Chemistry
Doris L. Carnevali in Nursing Science
Alicia & Jeff Carnevali in Oceanography
Alicia & Jeff Carnevali in Honor of Sophia R. Carnevali
Chisholm Foundation
Chisholm Foundation, Second Endowment
Virginia M. Dickenson Memorial
Rick & Jacque Doane
Jeff Eby/WRF 
Fairway Fund
Micki E. & Robert J. Flowers
Cindy & Stan Freimuth
Jeff & Jana Foushée Family
Jeff & Jana Foushée Family, Second Endowment
Margery Friedlander
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the School of Public Health
Vicki & Gary Glant
Carmen & Carver Gayton
Ruth & William P. Gerberding
Vicki J. & Thomas W. Griffin in Honor of Paige & Griffin Thoreson
Gladys Harrington in Honor of Eve Alvord
Ronald & Darlene Howell UW
Ronald & Darlene Howell WSU
Mark A. Jones in Chemistry
Kristin N. Kenefick
Kristin N. Kenefick & Nancy P. Norberg
Kristin N. Kenefick & Nancy P. Norberg in Oceanography
K. J. “Gus” and Connie Kravas
Lisa & Mike Losh
MAC Consortium (Margi & Jim Allison, Anne Simpson & Charlie Conner)
Keith & Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation
Keith & Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation Second Endowment
Pamela H. and Donald W. Mitchell in Nursing Science
Pamela H. and Donald W. Mitchell Second Endowment
Joanne & Bruce Montgomery
Joanne & Bruce Montgomery in Honor of The American Lung Association
Nancy P. & Doug E. Norberg
Candice Rosenberg Peterson
Bill & Susan Potts
Oliver W. Press
Jim & Trish Rogers
Dorothy Lewis Simpson
Charles & Delphine Stevens Family
George & Carlyn Steiner
Althea Stroum
Julie Tall
Lynn & Mikal Thomsen
Camille & Jim Uhlir
Walker Family
Washington Research Foundation UW
Washington Research Foundation WSU
Michael & Marti Young
John W. & Elaine A. Zevenbergen, Sr.
Nancy & John Zevenbergen